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Water filter


Although the public water suppliers try their best to provide clean drinking water to us : they cannot guarantee it. Some older buildings sill have old lead-pipes and water mostly from bank-filtration can contain substances that really do not belong into water : water soluble remnants of pharmaceuticals and hormon supplements of cattle breeding, even traits of cocaine (recently found in the Rhine) or acid rain. In these cases we strongly suggest to use activated carbon blockfilters.

In an activated carbon block filter the water gets pumped through tightly compressed blow. Remnants of pharmaceuticals, lead, pestizides, colours, chlorine, bacteria, viruses and unsoluable crude lime get caught in the carbon blockfilter like in a porous lavastone. Only the naturally dissolved minerals can pass through. The simple activated carbon granulate  mug filter can start to accidentally bleed and release filter brew into the drinking water, not so the secure activated carbon blockfilter. It is a secure solution to the problem.

The inexpensive table activated blockfilter is available starting from 125 €. Blockfilters for under the table start at 200 €. Replacement Cartridges are between 35 € and 70 €. There are different cartridges that differ in flow through capacity. A simple cartridge filters at least 5.000 litres of water and delivers about 2 litres of clean water per minute. This is quiet sufficient for most applications.

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