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Water Quality

Water  is the basis for our life. We can live without food for weeks, but no longer than four days without water. We daily use water for drinking, showering, cooking and washing, but do we really know what our water is like ?

Water is more than just H2O  much more

Water reacts differently in about 40 ways than we would expect it from laws of nature. Scientifically water is a strange and exceptional phenomenon. Just three examples :

1. Water according to itīs chemical structure is a gas : two atoms hydrogen and one atom oxygen. Would water react as similar substances it would volatilize and we couldnīt drink it out of a glass.

2. In nature fluid substances are denser when they get solid. This results in a higher weight. Not so water : it has itīs highest density at 4 degrees centigrade and not when frozen. Only because of that ice floats on water.

3. Why does water shimmer blueish, even when the sky is grey?

Water  a basic element of life

Water seems to speak a different language. It does not follow automatically the laws of earth and itīs substances. But which language does it speak ?

A first indication is given by photographs of NASA published in 1997. On these pictures we can see about 10 meter large iceblocks that fall from stratosphere onto the atmosphere and then vaporize. Seems like water comes from space. The pictures from Mars point into the same direction: There NASA has found a frozen surface the size of the North Sea.
Water does not seem to be a child of earth but rather an element of the universe. And as if the old cultures would have guessed it we find in all of them a great adoration of water as a mediator between heaven and earth. It is about time to rediscover this. Water is more than H2O, so much more.