Tap Water

Water Filter



How good is our tap water ?

If you carefully watch a river you will realize that it has the tendency to continuously create small and large vortices. It does not flow straight but meanders through the landscape. Even a drop that flows down a window doesnīt take a straight line but constantly creates small vortices. This movement in vortices is crucial for the water as it creates energy like a hurricane.

Energy in water pipes

In our pipes water cannot build these vortices. Its energy is being compressed and it agglutinates on a molecular level. Our water really does not taste fresh or invigorating like a fresh mountain spring. Maybe this is the reason why so many people use mineral water instead, although it does not make sense under economic or ecological considerations.



Reduced reaction capability

This agglutination of water molecules is the reason for the water not being able to perform its main function: to dissolve substances. You need more detergent for the washing of your clothes, more cleaning agents for the dishwashing. And for the human body this reduced capability is fatal: The nutrients cannot be fully digested during metabolism (resulting into a constant feeling of being hungry) and the internal "waste disposal" works less efficiently (resulting into unwanted deposits).

The Chi-technology is an innovative process of water-vitalisation. It dissolves the energy blockage of tap water and rebuilds itīs optimal reaction capability without adding or substracting anything to respectively from the water.