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Problems with lime


Water containing lime is not unhealthy but it precipitates in pipes, in the shower, in the washing machine, at heating elements and armatures. Lime quickly reduces the life span of water cookers and coffee machines and lime leaves unsavory smears on tea and other hot beverages.

Lime deposits are not mainly a problem of the water itself but of the water ducts. Free flowing water in nature has no lime deposits, even if it comes from springs or groundwater beds that have a high content of calcium and magnesium. So where does the problem come from?

Nature knows the solution

In naturally moving water - which is automatically energy-rich water - the water- molecule-clusters are permanently cracked. Therefore they cannot enclose for a longer time foreign substances or for that matter calciumcarbonat-crystals. The freed lime-crystals stay therefore as crystallization┬á germs in the flowing water. They form mostly round non-dendritic larger crystals  comparable to a snowball that rolls down a hill. These "lime-balls" cannot attach themselves to walls or stones as they are round. And due to its tendency to create vortices the flowing water has in it┤s middle a higher flow speed and therefore there are also no lime sediments at the banks.

Nature is simply ingenious.


Energizing Water changes the lime structure

In vitalized water the same thing happens. The water molecules are highly active and do not build permanent clusters  so dendritic lime clusters cannot exist. The lime turns into small, soft grains and drains directly without sticking at the walls. Where it cannot drain, like in water heaters, jars orábath tubs it turns into a brown, grainy sediment that can be easily cleaned with a sponge. A water heater can just be rinsed from time to time without the sieve.

When you install a central water vitalizer for the whole house you will most likely realize that the dish washer and the washing machine stay much cleaner  just overnight.

In older buildings the tap water can first become fishy, because the "lime balls" start cleaning the pipes. This may last up to two or three weeks. During this time please use┬á an  activated carbon block filter  because also rusty debris can be cleaned out.