Can I leave the CHI-CARD in itīs plastic-cover while using it ?

Yes, you may. The efficiency will not be reduced by the plastic cover.



How do I attach the CHI-CARD to my water pipe: the logo to the pipe or reverse ?

The blue logo heads towards the pipe.



Do magnets effect the CHI-CARD ?

No, magnets cannot effect the CHI-CARD, but they create their own magnetic field that affects the regulation of the cells.



Can I put the CHI-CARD under my table-filter ?

Yes, you can. The water will be vitalised. It is even better to put the filtered water into a separate jar and to put this jar onto the CHI-CARD. The longer the CHI-CARD affects the water the stronger the effect.



I have bought the CHI-CARD about 8 weeks ago and have done the cress-test and I am overall very satisfied. My question : Can I positively influence the chlorine in the tab water as well as the other impurities ? A well know healer from Frankfurt told me that chlorine not only attacks the bacteria in the water but as well in the gut and advices to drink mineral water only.

Thank you very much for your positive feedback. The CHI-CARD can reduce the effects of chlorine, but in case you get a lot of chlorine I suggest to drink mineral water or use a good filter. Chlor is a nerve poison that has been used in concentrated form in World War I. Donīt drink it if you can avoid it.



Which vibrations will be neutralized by the CHI-CARD ?

All vibrations that have an energy-reducing (left-spinning) or degenerating quality. In nature these vibrations mostly exist in decaying matter or earth-rays. Otherwise they result from human intervention in natural vibration fields e.g. synthtic fabrics, industrialized food, e-smog.



Can I put the CHI-CARD directly on my body or is this dangerous ?

No, this is not harmful, in contrary. The chakras are being activated and rebalanced.  So you might feel especially energized and awake. For your nap you better put away the CHI-CARD.



Why does the CHI-CARD only last 2-3 years ?

It probably lasts much longer. We have only been able to test it for three years and we donīt want to promise more than we can guarantee in good faith.