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     Vitalizing  your water with CHI-ENERGY-CARD


Water tastes smoother
You get more energy
You enjoy drinking and you drink more

Simply order by mail.
only 36,80€ / 39,90 CHF
21 days put provision

Made in Switzerland


The CHI-CARD is easy to handle:

Just place the CHI-CARD under your glass, jar or bottle. Promptly the water   molecules will start to rebuild their natural crystal structure. After at most 7 minutes you´ll have soft and energized water. Remnants of lime in water heaters or coffee machines are drastically reduced. You may also place the CHI-CARD under your fruit bowl or in the vegetable cooler: water containing food will stay fresh longer.


In case you are using vitalized water for your coffee or tea you may realize that the often bitter taste will be reduced. Some like it, others not – but in any case your stomach will enjoy it.

Fruit juices loose their sour taste. Young, dry wine develops a fuller bouquet  and tastes more mature.

How you can test it for yourself

Fill two similar bowls with a little bit of water and add germs (e.g. cress). Put a CHI-Card below one bowl. The two bowls should have a minimum distance of 2 meters. Observe the growth pattern of the germs and also their odor.

General Advice

We are legally obliged to point out to you that according to western school medicine there is no such thing as a general life force energy (CHI) and therefore all its results are either by accident or based on placebo-effects.