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What is Electro-Smog?

The layman is normally confused by the public discussions about the health risks of e-smog. Why do some scientists say YES, others NO ? And why do some scientists favour new technologies for fault-clearance like the e-harmonizer and others believe it is total rubbish?

The answer is relatively straight-forward. Prof. Ulrich Warnke of the university of Saarbrücken has worded it in one of his lectures like this:

"Have we possibly followed principally the wrong route in analysing electro-smog, because until today only the transversal electro-magnetic vibrations have been measured and not the longitudinal vibrations?"

Transversal and longitudinal vibrations

Transversal vibrations can be measured with physical devices. If you judge the  harmfulness of electro-smog only on those electromagnetic vibrations the answer is clear: No, the measured waves cause only from a certain level onward and based on their thermal properties a biological effect. (Based on those effects the legal regulations are defined.).

The same holds true for the e-harmonizer. It doesnt affect the transversal vibrations  all stays the same.



Biological effects of longitudinal waves

The ministries for health of Great Britain and Denmark have warned in the meantime publicly against excessive usage of mobiles. They have developed guidelines for a "healthier" usage. But most likely it will take another couple of years before not only cigarette packs but as well mobiles need to carry warning notices.

But all transversal vibrations also include some longitudinal or Tesla-waves. And those have a disturbing effect on biology. They have no physical energetic, but an informational effect. These waves cannot yet be measured by technical instruments . Biological measurement methods are therefore required (e.g. Electro-acupuncture, kinesiology).

Nikola Tesla (the inventor of the alternating current) has discribed the laws of the formation and fluctuation of longitudinal waves. He made interesting discoveries. In 1880 he made a demonstration: He erected a longitudinal wave transmitter of 10 Kilowatt in Colorado Springs and 25 miles away on a hill a receiver of longitudinal waves which he brought into resonance (like tuning a radio). After tuning he could receive the full transmitter power and run a range of light-bulbs with it. A strange phenomenon ocurred : The horses and cows on the pasture around behaved strangely and abnormal. This only disappeared when the experiment stopped. 

You may wonder what happens today to us humans, the animals and the plants that are exposed to a wide coverage of those longitudinal waves, even if the intensity is lower than in the historical experiment of Nikola Tesla.

But each problem has is solution.

Join us make your own experiment



Using the Chi-technology you can neutralize the detrimental effects of the longitudinal waves.

Germ some wheat with normal tab water that has been irradiated for one minute with a mobile phone.

Compare your sample with a sample of grains that has been germed with normal tab water (without the irradiation).

Prepare a third sample with tab water that has been irradiated with a mobile phone with an e-harmonizer-sticker on it.



For the irradiation you need to make a phone call with the phone.



If you want please send us your photgraphs of your experiment. And please inform us whether your wheat is from organic cultivation.


We will examine and publish the results from all contributors.

And we will make a drawing and send two free e-harmonizers to the winner.