What is electro smog

Dangers of electrosmog

Electromagnetic Pollution and medical hazards


Who could imagine a life without power sockets, transmitter masts and transformers ? Our modern civilization is totally permeated and shaped by the phantastic achievements of modern electro-technology. With minor finger movements we can put massive machines into motion, bring pictures from outer space into our living room or talk to friends on the other side of the globe. What congenial inventions and what a comfort!

But these achievements have their price  as all things in life  and this price is high, probably even very high. The increased energy consumption has warmed the earth and our climate changes drastically. The pole ice caps melt, the sea levels rise and the riverbanks are being flooded. These  among other things  are the ecological results of too much "fire". But the results are not less critical in our personal sphere.

Erik Huber, inspector for the environment of the medical association of Vienna says: "Would medications have the the same results as mobiles we would need to take them immediately out of the market".

Many doctors and healers agree today that radiations of mobiles are not beneficial to our health. In contrary: They pose a massive threat. Politics and Industry could agree, as the facts are on the table.

Mobile Radiation changes the genotype

The "Reflex-Survey" has been financed by the EC with more than 2 mln. . It has been conducted in several famous research centers in the EC and has been published in 2005. Itīs clear result: Radiation of Mobiles can change the genotype. Research focus was the mutagenicity of a substance that was exposed to electromagnetic fields.



Part of itīs tests were done on human premyelocytes  a prestep of cells for haematopoiesis (building of blood cells). A mutation of these cells can result into leukemia or other similar diseases of the bloodbuilding system.

And the study states: There are in fact gentoxic effects on human cell cultures of the radiation levels as they are induced by each GSM-mobile.



Confirmation of first study


Earlier tests on animals have shown gentoxic effects depending on the radiation levels of high-frequency radiation. There were less non-functioning nerv-cells in the brains of rats after a two hour long exposure to mobile-radiation. Two separate epidemiologic surveys have shown congruently a three to four times higher risk of horn tumors after 10 years of usage of mobiles.


The ministries for health of Great Britain and Denmark have warned in the meantime publicly against excessive usage of mobiles. They have developed guidelines for a "healthier" usage. But most likely it will take another couple of years before not only cigarette packs but as well mobiles need to carry warning notices.