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The term CHI derives from chinese culture. It is several thousand years old and it can be best described by "bundled life force energy". In asian culture many movement arts have been developed to build up this energy and to  direct it. Tai-Chi, Kung Fu or Qi-Gong have now been established as well  in western culture. The same is true for acupuncture as a medical healing art, to free the flow of chi of blockages or to direct it into organs or body parts that need healing.

All is vibration

Chi was a strange phenomenon for western science since it did not fit into the established thought pattern and scientific paradigm. In the meantime east and west approach : western scientists speak today of Tachyonic or free. You should be aware that matter mainly consists of empty space. (The proportion of the atomīs shell to itīs kernel is the same as the dome in Cologne to a candle on itīs altar.) This "matter-space" is not empty, but oscillates in delicate vibrations.



Vibration in Harmony

In Chi-art and Chi-technology these vibrations are being harmonised and create a coherent field. Background information:
Each proton spins around itīs axis and generates a force field by doing this. The alignment of itÂīs axis is more or less chaotic, Depending on outside influences like pressure, toxins from the environment etc. During energizing the axis of the different atoms are aligned spinning slighty clock-wise  and a strong jointly vibrating field emerges.

Optimising biological processes

The CHI-CARD vitalizes the natural vibrations of water, plants or food. Nothing is being added or substracted  only itīs own vibration is being optimised. The results are astonishing : Water tastes fresh again and shows excellent dissolving properties. Plants grow tremendously, develop a lush green and opulent blooms, fruit tastes  firm and stays fresh longer.
You may want to compare this with a choir where everybody babbles on his own but all of a sudden all singers start to intone the same note . Abruptly a strong sound builds up and transmits widely to the listeners.
Something similar happens when you put the energized CHI-CARD next to water. Because water is highly sensitive it immediately picks up this "sound" and develops itself structured vibrations. It is revived or better: saturated with CHI-Energy.

Positive Energy

Energizing creates also another phenomenon: The whole field spins clockwise  this is the energy movement for construction and preservation of form and matter. Counter-clockwise spins and fields reduce energy and disintegrate form and matter. Cancer cells e.g. always spin counter-clockwise. CHI-Technology conveys life-supporting, clockwise spinning energy  be it for water, food, plants or beings.