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CHI-Card Client Statements

I have bought a CHI-CARD and have attached it to the main water supply. The surface tension of the water has improved, there are no more scums of dirt in the bathtub, no more lime deposits at my razor and even my extensive sprout culture is growing quicker and without any bad odours.

Klaus E., Bremerhaven


This card is phantastic. The water tastes super and I feel much healthier.

Marianne G., Regensdorf


 I have put the CHI-CARD in our fish pond because in summer lots of algae grow there. Since then the water is crystal clear. Phantastic.

Gerda H., Sittensen


We have bought the CHI-CARD nearly a year ago. Initially we were somewhat sceptical only to become totally surprised afterwards! We had never thought of such a positive impact. We started with a needy plant. We put the card for two weeks directly under the plant (Hibiscus) and it recovered noticeably. Four weeks later it bloomed like never before. Now nearly a year later the tiny shafts have become strong stems. Really phantastic!

The next issue was the lime in our water. My wife and myself love to drink a good cappuccino. But every 2-3 months we had to clean the lime out of our little espresso-machine. We then put the CHI-CARD directly to the main water pipe. And since one year we don´t have any more calcination! It is a real miracle to us – no exaggeration. 

During this time all our plants in the house have become much healthier which we assume is also a positive reaction that the CHI-Card exercises on our water. We can highly recommend the CHI-CARD.

Ivit H., Stuckenborstel


Thanks a lot for the CHI-CARD. Last week I had considerable stomach problems due travel strain, bad food etc. I have put the CHI-Card on my stomach for 15 minutes and it improved considerably.

Gisela D., Madrid


The water is so soft and tasty. I am so happy I can drink tab water again – and I drink much more now. The CHI-CARD is a real blessing.

Evelyn R., Basel