CHI-Plug           life without electric stress

Do you sometimes feel strange, "exhilarated", can not sleep well or fall suddenly into inexplicable "energy holes"? It could be due to electromagnetic pollution.
The CHI-plug is an innovative and proven solution for a living and working without electrical stress. In hundreds of homes, offices, medical clinics, schools, meeting houses, music studios, he is now used.








Easy to install

The CHI-plug is ready for 220 volt European standard sockets. It does not require its own power consumption. Inside is a quantum-physical acting ceramic
Chip. The CHI-plug is maintenance free and virtually unlimited operational.

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The CHI-plug is inserted into a central, not otherwise occupied socket. All the circuits of a house or an apartment, which run through the main fuse will be harmonized.
The grounding of the power line and the Earth's magnetic field is harmonized, so that geopathic disturbances (water lines, etc.) are reduced greatly in their health-damaging effects.
Many clients also report a much improved sound of their hi-fi equipment and a sharper resolution of TV screens. See for yourself!
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More vitality and balance



Vitality (chakras) without Chi-plug



Vitality 6 days after installation









What users report

"... After a few days, the atmosphere was noticeably quiet in all rooms and relaxed, everything looks brighter and clearer."
Dieter Schafranek, Dorfmark

" ... Thank you so much for this wonderful product! The CHI-plug just made my life in many ways a lot more livable."
Heiko Bunjes, Grevenbroich

"In my naturopathic practice, I notice more and more that electrical sensitivity is increased in people. More and more are complaining and get symptoms such as insomnia, anxiety, emotional lability, fatigue, headaches etc. After using the chi-plug in the home or in work environment for my patients after a few weeks, a significant reduction of the electric stress is tested and they also subjectively noted an improvement in the symptoms listed above."
Anke Dockendorf, Hamburg

"Really a great help. Great – especially if you are constantly working on computers in the office. And since the chi-plug in our home is installed, we even sleep again at night without unscrew the fuse."
A. Gottschau, Berlin

"For me personally, sleep has become deeper and more restful. In the morning we feel a lot more rested than before the plug. With regard to my daughter, for whom I had it placed above all, we have noticed definitely a big improvement. Now it happens only rarely that she wakes up at night. A month can go by without her waking up at night. Before we had the plug she woke up 3-4 times a week. Since she has been diagnosed with epilepsy a continuous sleep is enormously important. "
Julio B., Valencia

"As Bioenergetic therapist and trained in Radiesthesia, I say, the Chi-plug is the best thing I've ever tested, and I've been looking around for several years to find the most effective products. I can therefore highly recommend the products of UH-HEALTH-SYSTEMS."
Günter Ch. Penning, Bremen

" ... all staff members expressed in a final interview that the working atmosphere had improved since the installation of the Chi-plug and that they react less irritated. Likewise, you feel less tired after work."
(Quote from Biogramm study)


How does the Chi-plug function?

The CHI-plug is an innovative development that takes advantage of the findings of quantum physics. In the case of the Chi-plug, a ceramic carrier field is applied, which is prepared and physically changes the quantum effect of the electromagnetic fields of power line and its associated equipment specifically. The operating principle is based on so-called "coherent spin-orientation". The physical background is the following:

Electrons and protons have not only mass and energy, but also generate vibrations. These are caused by the rotation around its axis (spinning) and the respective "Torkelradius".
Just as the Earth is not exactly turning around its own axis, but unstable in its movements, so even the smallest parts "stagger" in the form of a double cone (precession).

In the circuit oscillate the electrons and protons completely disorganized, chaotic and with a high charge. Accordingly, the vibration is emitted to the environment and inharmonious intensive (electro-smog).
Depending on how sensitive a person responds to these vibrations, the body struggles with stress reactions, which can vary greatly depending on constitution. Animals and plants as well respond to electromagnetic pollution. The "receiving medium" is the water in the cells, because water is highly sensitive.

Under the influence of the CHI network connector, the rotating electrons and protons will interact with the waves. The spin direction of the CHI-power plug ensures that the spins in the copper cable get aligned according to the predetermined direction. Simultaneously, the "Torkelmovement" of all particles is minimized. This is called "coherent spin alignment." This creates a harmonic vibrational field, destructive vibrations are filtered out virtually.

The reproduction is done via so-called magnetic coupling, ie the rotating magnetic particles give their rotation to the other particles in the rotating power cable on - similar to a domino effect. The electromagnetic field - and the connected devices - is neutralized in its effects on biological systems. The function of the device remains unaffected.

An interesting side-effect

The chi-plug also has amazing effects on the sound of hi-fi quality and resolution of screens:

"... Just tried it and within a short time the sound has improved dramatically in my music system. Thank you for that."
Rainer Gottstein, Hamburg

"... Always the same result: more clarity, purification, fine detail, more space, more subtleties in color images and sound."
Marcus Beckmann, Fa. Schallwand, Viersen

"Dear Mr. Holst, here's a statement from a really hard-to-convince technician about the positive effect of your Chi-plug:
After plugging into a socket in my computer room and a preparational time of about 2-3 hours, the display quality of my computer screen [LCD screen, analog input, ATI Radion HD4550 (definitely not a high-end card), XP Prof. ] became gradually so clear and calm, so that I thought I had switched to digital mode instead of analog mode (but what - I checked it - was not the case).
This visibly improved display quality can only be a result of the harmonization of electron-/neutron-fields by the plug and this then leads logically to harmonization of electromagnetic conductor u. implement sections (= harmonization of electromagnetic pollution)."

Udo Leukert, Pirmasens

Important notice

The chi-plug does not change the technical results of the high and low frequency ranges, but their effect - and that's what matters ultimately.