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Many applications many benefits


Vitalize Water and other drinks

Just put the CHI-CARD under your glass, jar  or under your mineral water bottle. The vibrations will be transferred immediately. After about 3 minutes you can already taste a difference: the water will taste smoother and fresher. 

While using the CHI-CARD for your coffee or tea you will realize that the bitter-harsh taste will be less pronounced. Some like it – some not, but your stomach will sure like it.

Juices also loose their acidic character. Young wine will have a fuller bouquet and taste more mature.



Vitalize Food

The CHI-CARD revitalizes all kinds of water containing food, like fruit and vegetable. It will reduce possible gen-manipulation and pollution. Destructive vibrations are re-modulated into frequencies that are more compatible to nature. Just put the CHI-CARD for 15 minutes in your basket or install the CHI-CARD directly in your refrigerator or  supply cabinet. The food will stay much longer fresh and will be less acidogenic.



Supplementary First AID

The CHI-CARD has proven helpful as supporting first aid with bruises, insect bite, smaller injuries, headache and stomach upsets. Just hold the CHI-CARD about 2 inches in front of the affected part of the body and wait until the symptons have clearly reduced.

For a general vitalisation just put the CHI-CARD for 5 minutes on your solarplexus.